In the middle of the night or anytime of the day, when you hear a baby crying outside your porch as if someone just left it there, according to the police. DO NOT GO OUT.

Bad elements uses a recorder of a baby crying to get attention, especially of women. The tendency is for the person to go out immediately, worrying on what may happen to the baby left outside the porch.

Make sure that you listen to it again carefully and attentively. Again, open all lights outside your house and check it without opening any window or door. If you see something but not yet sure if it's a human being, DO NOT PANIC TO OPEN THE DOOR.

Call the police to ask help, if no one is really around, ask someone to help or at least be a witness.

A lot of people, especially women, were already victimized by this.

It's good to be alert all the time.

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